Lavender Royal Jelly Lip Balm

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For dry and demanding lips. Alleviates herpes symptoms. Also suitable for cancer patient and children 

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Important ingredients / benefits

Royal jelly, honey, coconut, hemp, olive and lavender oils and green tea extract from certified organic farms
From natural ingredients with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties
Protects and conditions dry and brittle lips
Excellent restorative and regenerative effects
Deep conditioning and lasting moisturizing effects for softly shining lips

Product description

Lavender Royal Jelly Lip Balm harnesses the conditioning powers of nature. Floral nutrients include the exclusive green tea extract and valuable vitamins. High-grade lavender plumps up and relaxes the lips, with a pleasant scent to lift the spirits as well as the lips. Essential oils and skin-friendly plant oils retain their protective effects on the lips for a very long time.

The lip balm contains no chemicals, preservatives, dyes or artificial fragrance, so it's even suitable for children.

 The balm alleviates the symptoms of herpes on the lips and leaves your lips soft, moist and smooth the whole day long, ready for loving kisses and laughter without pain.