AK02 Herbal Face Pack

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For oily, irritated and blemished skin, ideal 

for skin prone to acne and rosacea

Please note: Appl. only with AK02 Herbal Essence

For use with AK02 Herbal Essence

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Important ingredients / benefits

Witch hazel, lavender, neroli hydrosols and tea tree oil from certified organic farms
Extracts from over 9 botanical active substances and aloe vera gel
Antibacterial, antiinflammatory, detoxifying and soothing effects
Helps eliminate blemishes and refine skin texture
Refreshes the complexion to leave your skin feeling supple, smooth and soft
Emulsion type: oil in water (O/W) pH: 5.5

Product description

Please note: Appl. only with AK02 Herbal Essence

Let your skin experience this unique AK02 Herbal Face Pack. The herbal composition of active substances including Radix Scutellariae (Slice), Coptidis, Cortex Phellodendri and Radix Angelicae Dehuricae essence and richly nourishing tea tree oil, frankincense oil and lavender hydrosol has been developed specially to meet the needs of blemished, acne-prone and rosacea-prone skin. The ingredients penetrate deep into the lower skin layers, regulating sebum production and reducing pores on a lasting basis. The skin is protected effectively from recurrent redness and inflammation caused by pimples and acne.

The highly active herbal complex combats bacterial growth and acne-related scarring and pigmentation, which helps to counteract comedone development. Highly concentrated AK02 Herbal Essence nourishes your problem skin, adds moisture and gives you healthy looking skin when used regularly.

Our products meet the strict guidelines of certified natural cosmetics ICADA, a premium label with strict requirements for authentic organic and natural cosmetics.