Shaoyuns Anti-Aging Special

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For radiance and youthful contours

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260,00 € tax incl.

866,63 € per 100 ml

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Important ingredients / benefits

Regenerates and harmonizes, with revitalizing and conditioning properties
Intensive nourishing eye cream for the delicate skin
Contains valuable natural antioxidants to combat all the signs of prematurely ageing skin
Emulsion type: oil in water (O/W) pH: 5.5

Product description

Treat yourself to a high-performance skincare product that touches your senses with Shaoyun's Anti-Ageing Special, a superlative product combining the most effective plants grown in organic farms all over the world.

This luxurious skincare product uses top of the range herbal active ingredients including Ganoderma lucidum and Radix Angelicae Sinensis. Radix Notoginseng regenerates and repairs collagen production and preserves elasticity while smoothing and soothing the skin.

The insights and ingredients of ancient Chinese beauty lore have an almost magical effect on your skin. Oils extracted from babassu palm, sea buckthorn berries and amaranth plants supply your skin with all the vitamins and nutrients they need, stimulate the skin's metabolism and increase your skin's receptiveness for important conditioning substances. The active ingredients absorb more easily as a result, giving your skin a hydration and moisture boost.

The secret behind Shaoyun's Anti-Ageing Special is one we'd like to share with you: it eliminates free radicals in the cell membrane, effectively delays the skin's ageing process, stops melanin deposition and in that way combats age spots and pigmentation. Treat your skin to a radiant and healthy appearance.