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  • For normal to dry skin

    Precision-made for your skin

    Experience Shaoyun's novel skincare range for products that respond to your skin's natural needs without exposing it to chemical toxins. The Shaoyun Gold Series uses all-natural raw materials and premium cosmetic ingredients, freshly made for the customer and crafted with the greatest of care.


    Conventional cosmetic products are mainly composed of artificial substances and chemicals, exposing skin needing care to toxins with superficial yet harmful effects. The unnatural substances your skin absorbs on a daily basis play havoc with its biorhythms. Your skin responds with allergies and ages faster as a result. With conventional cosmetics, months or even years may lie between manufacture and use of a product. Chemical binding agents, preservatives and petroleum are added to increase product shelf-life and artificial fragrances for scent. To get the care it needs, your skin should only ever come into contact with products that resemble its natural composition as closely as possible.


    The Shaoyun Gold Series contains natural ingredients similar to those our bodies produce naturally – amino acids sourced from pearls, for instance, and enzymes derived from aloe vera. All our products are manufactured in our own laboratory from natural raw materials, which we process using top-of-the-range ingredients and state-of-the-art cosmetic research and technology. Hyaluronic acid, Q10 and collagen are absorbed and processed more effectively, thus promoting skin regeneration and performance in a natural way. The Shaoyun brand vouches for the quality of the plants and herbs we use in our products, which are sourced as raw materials from responsible distributors and manufacturers.


    Rather than short-term effects, we promise a lasting improvement in the appearance of your skin.




  • For blemished and...

    A woman's life is like a flower in bloom. Her face radiates purity in youth, beauty in her middle years, and a special charm in maturity. Just like your face, your skin reflects every phase of your life, which is why healthy and radiant skin is most important in every phase of life.


    In traditional Chinese medicine, rosy, radiant, smooth facial skin with no blemishes or age spots indicates healthy blood and balanced qi, while rough, dull, grey-tinged skin with blemishes and pimples may indicate health problems, poor qi and poor blood. To preserve natural beauty, it's important to maintain a healthy balance of yin and yang in your body, keep qi and blood in harmony and make sure you get a balanced diet, plenty of exercise and fresh air, and enough sleep. All these factors are inextricably linked.


    Problem skin can spoil a woman's beauty. But do magic solutions for skin problems like rosacea, pigment spots, blackheads, pimples and acne even exist? Finding the right ingredients involves unearthing the root causes inside the body. Skin problems may be for hormonal reasons, because of a genetic predisposition or from using the wrong cosmetics. Chinese medicine acknowledges that high-fat or deep-fried foods, overconsumption of sweets, alcohol and cigarettes, and factors like stress and too much sun can make skin problems worse.


    The Jade Series is specially designed to benefit problem skin. We have developed special formulations that are made up exclusively for you in our own laboratory after receiving your order. Customers who adhere to a healthy diet and lifestyle soon notice the excellent effects of our products on their problem skin.


    Your health and beauty are in your hands. With the help of the highly effective products in Shaoyun's Jade Series, you will never again have to conceal your beautiful skin under a layer of make-up.




  • Anti-Aging Luxury

    Top-of-the-range cosmetics


    A diamond is as luxurious and pure as smooth, baby-soft skin. Uniqueness and rarity are what make it so valuable. These properties are now combined in the Shaoyun Diamond Series. Each product is unique and combines the expertise of Chinese plant lore with the insights of modern science.


    "As a multiply qualified cosmetics experts and beauty therapist with more than 20 years of professional and research experience, I have learned that only nature knows the secrets of true beauty and can help us to preserve it. I have personally researched the effects of each plant and harnessed those effects with success in the Diamond Series. Even at 40-plus, my skin is smooth with no visible lines. The basis for the successful development of my products is state-of-the-art science and technology. I use these insights and tools to blend top-quality ingredients in a way that meets your skin's needs to perfection. Precise dosing, effective ingredients and my own understanding of Asian beauty secrets go into producing our luxury line of cosmetics. When your order comes in, I personally create fresh extracts of valuable plants and selected herbs from all over the world and especially from Asia – just for you."

    Shaoyun Liang

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items